Hear From GlideTrak Users

Hear From GlideTrak Users 2018-01-06T08:28:47+00:00
I thought I’d never be able to run again because of he problems with my knees. I bought an elliptical machine, hoping it would help but I am not able to use it because it wears on my knees. Then, I discovered GlideTrak. With GlideTrak, I get tremendous pain-free workouts that bring back memories of my days running track. I wish everyone who thought they couldn’t run again would try GlideTrak.
Since my injury 30 years ago, I have been very limited in my movement and am regularly in pain. I used to be very athletic and loved to run, and with GlideTrak I am able to get that incredible feeling of running again. GlideTrak allows me to relax and extend my movements all without pain. Afterwards, I feel great with no lingering issues from the workout. For a few minutes a day, GlideTrak lets me be my younger athletic self. It’s been great for my body and my spirit.
Jeremy, 70-years old
I love my GlideTrak workouts because it takes all the pressure off my lower-back and joints. I have a bad L5 disk, and being non-weight bearing and without impact while running is huge. GlideTrak allows me to get linger strides, and a longer and more aggressive workout than I would on a treadmill alone. I love my GlideTrak and I recommend it to all my fitness clients with knee, hip, ankle and back issues.
Kim, 40, Personal Trainer