How GlideTrak Helps After Stroke
Regain Your Mobility and Fitness

Speed your recovery with GlideTrak
The all in one gait, strength and fitness trainer for stroke recovery.

Body Weight Support Training (BWST) is the leading, clinically proven method [1-4] for post stroke gait training and aerobic exercise.  

GlideTrak is the only Body Weight Support system designed for home use, making frequent, ongoing training safe, effective and convenient.

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Why GlideTrak Helps

  • Improved Gait Mechanics

  • Faster, Steadier Walking

  • Better Balance

  • Increased Muscle Strength

  • Greater Endurance

  • Improved Cardio Fitness

  • Safe – No Fall Risk

  • Convenient – Train at Home

  • Pain Free – No Impact or Weight Bearing on Joints

  • Works with Any Treadmill

  • Easy to Set Use

  • Fun – Feel the Freedom of Motion Again

The brain’s ability to be reprogramed, or Neuroplasticity, is basis for all stroke recovery.

Frequent practice, multiple time per day if possible, of high speed walking with a corrected gait is the best way to create and embed new neuropathways in the brain.

GlideTrak’s innovative Body Weight Support Technology removes the fear of falling AND the constraints of gravity allowing for safe practice of fast walking.

With GlideTrak at home, it is practical to train with the repetition required to fully benefit from the brain’s reprograming, thus speeding and improving your recovery.


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